Mitos Quad Pump

Specifically designed for microfluidics, the Mitos Quad Pump enables the control of two independent fluidic streams. Flow rates between 1.0μl to 10ml/min can be achieved with pressures up to 20 bar. The in-line pressure sensor on each of the fluidic channels monitors the pressure on each of the channels with data collected and logged via software.


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The Pump is controlled directly via Flow Control Software for accessible automation. To provide smooth stable and continuous flow, each channel utilises two syringes, operating in a cyclic manner. With both syringes filled, the right syringe will dispense into the system and once empty will be filled by the left syringe. Simultaneously, the left syringe (twice the volume of the right) will also dispense into the system.


Operating Pressure

0 to 20 bar

Pressure Resolution

0.1 bar

Flow Rate Range

1μl to 10ml/min (syringe dependant)

Syringe Size & Flow Rate Range

Yellow:(50μl/100μl) 1μl to 250μl/min

Green:(250μl/500μl) 5μl to 1.25ml/min

Blue:(500μl/1ml) 10μl to 2.5ml/min

Red:(2.5ml/5.0ml) 50μl to 10ml/min*

*Red syringes limited to 10 bar

Fluidic Tubing Output Connections

Input 3.2mm OD x 1.0 mm ID

Output: 1.6mm OD x 0.5mm ID

Working Temperature Range (external)

5°C to 40°C

  • Specialised valve operation for smooth flow.
  • Extremely chemical resistant materials to cater to a wide range of fluids.
  • Stacks readily with the Dolomite Hardware for a small footprint.
  • Integrates into existing systems with minimal effort.
  • Easy to swap between syringes for alternative configurations.


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