Fluidic Factory COC Filament Reel with Nozzle

The Fluidic Factory COC Filament Reel with Nozzle filament reel contains 60 m of polymer (typically suitable for printing 100 medium sized chips) with a disposable nozzle. The reel can be changed in seconds and Fluidic Factory System auto-alerts when COC is running low. The reel contain COC (Cyclic olefin copolymer) grade 8007S-04.

Part number 3200504
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  • Overview

COC is suitable to be used in biology and medical environments and offer many benefits over other polymers:

  • Biocompatible
  • Transparent
  • Very low water absorption
  • Non-autofluorescent
  • FDA approved for some products
  • Excellent chemical resistance to water-soluble chemicals, acids, alkalis and alcohols and many sterilization processes
  • Most metallic films exhibit excellent adhesion to the COC substrate
  • Excellent mechanical properties allowing more realistic prototype manufacturing

The Nozzle is manufactured as one single part ensuring unrestricted movement of polymer. The nozzle is disposable which ensures high quality print in maintained over time.