Fluidic Factory 3D Printer

Fluidic Factory is the world’s first commercially available 3D printer for rapid prototyping of fluidically sealed devices. Design your own microfluidic chips, manifolds and connectors, or select from the Design Library. Fluidic Factory System enables rapid prototyping using COC (biocompatible, translucent and robust polymer).The system is very easy and quick to set up – only 10 minutes from unboxing.

Part number 3200500
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Fluidic Factory is compact (300 x 300 x 500 mm), lightweight (10 kg) and quiet, making it ideal for desktop use. The Fluidic Factory 3D Printing System (3200500) includes the following parts :

  • Fluidic Factory Core Unit (Without Functional Head or Bed) (3200524)
  • 4-Way Linear Connector (3000024) and 4-Way Top Interface (3000109)
  • Fluidic Factory Heated Print Bed (3200502)
  • 2x Fluidic Factory Print Bed Insert (3200525)
  • 2x Fluidic Factory COC Filament Reel with Nozzle (3200504)
  • Fluidic Factory Print Head for 3D Printing (3200503)
  • Fluidic Factory Filament Reel Holder (3200501)

All parts are also available to be purchased separately.

For more information about rapid prototyping and this product, please click here.