Digital Microscope

The Digital Microscope is a compact, low cost solution for capturing high magnification still and video images of microfluidic experiments. The integrated LCD screen allows experiments to be viewed by a group of people and also allows capture of videos and still images. Images can be saved to an SD card (not included) or to the camera memory and then downloaded to a PC via a mini USB cable.

Part number 3200293
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The microscope is supplied with 4x, 10x and 40x objective lens, LCD Monitor, top and bottom illuminators, USB cable and SD Card Slot, AC Adapter, Dust Cover and Carrying Case as well as Digital Camera and Filter Wheel- built in.

Features and benefits:

  • LCD display with 4x Digital Zoom for easy and comfortable viewing of your microfluidic experiments without any need of PC connections
  • High quality image with a built-in digital camera (2 MP)
  • Top and bottom LED illumination
  • Easily connected to a PC using USB cable
  • Easy portable and compact designed

Please note that the Digital Microscope is supplied without any microfluidic chips and holders.

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